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Ліван приєднується до XXI століття і скасовує закон "одружися з ґвалтівником"


Lebanon on Wednesday joined other Arab nations in abolishing a law that lets rapists escape punishment if they marry their victims in a move applauded by women’s rights campaigners.

On the heels of Jordan scrapping its law earlier this month, and Tunisia doing so last month, Lebanese lawmakers voted to do away with article 522 in the Lebanese penal code.

“This is definitely a step that needs to be celebrated for all women in Lebanon,” Roula Masri of local rights group Abaad said. Abaad has campaigned against the country’s law for more than a year.

“Parliament should… immediately pass legislation to end marital rape and also child marriage, which is still legal in Lebanon,” said Bassam Khawaja, Lebanon researcher at Human Rights Watch.

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